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Shiseido: discover the beauty and innovation of 2023

History of the Shiseido brand

Shiseido is the world's oldest manufacturer of cosmetics and perfumes, in 2023 the company celebrated its 151st anniversary!

The Shiseido brand was born as a result of the vision and desire to create something higher in the field of beauty and skin care. The beginning of the brand is associated with the personality of Arinobu Fukura, who founded the company with the aim of combining the traditions of Japanese culture with innovative approaches to beauty.

Arinobu Fukura was born in 1851 in Gifu, Japan. He had a strong interest in beauty and skin care since his youth. At the age of 17, Fukura traveled to Tokyo, where he studied pharmacy and the scientific and technological aspects of skin care products.

In 1872, Arinobu Fukura founded his own pharmacy store, which became the famous Shiseido brand. The name "Shiseido" comes from an expression that means "A home where well-being will bring better future shape". This name reflected Fukura's desire to create products that would improve the quality of life and appearance of customers.

Arinobu Fukura approached the creation of cosmetic products with extreme care. He studied traditional recipes and ingredients, as well as introduced new technologies. In 1916, the Shiseido brand launched its first decorative cosmetics - face powder, which became an incredible success and thus set the standards for beauty and makeup among Japanese women.

Over a century of its existence, Shiseido has become a symbol of Japanese elegance and innovation in the beauty industry. Its dedication to research, exquisite quality, and constant pursuit of excellence have made it one of the most influential brands in the world of cosmetics and skincare.

The history of the Shiseido brand is a fascinating journey from humble beginnings to global, worldwide recognition in the beauty world. Founded in 1872 in Tokyo, Japan, the Shiseido brand brought Japanese beauty to the world stage.

Throughout its existence, the Shiseido brand has continued to evolve, producing innovative skin care, hair care and perfume products. The Japanese philosophy of beauty, which combines harmony, naturalness and technological sophistication, was the beginning and the result of each product of the brand.

Shiseido also promoted global expansion by opening representative offices around the world. This allowed the brand to share Japanese beauty and care with different cultures and regions, enriching the global cosmetic market with its unique solutions.

The history of the Shiseido brand is a story of dedication and passion for beauty, the introduction of the latest technologies and the eternal pursuit of excellence.

Where to buy Shiseido brand products

Today you can buy Shiseido products in many luxury cosmetic stores. Of course, like most "rare" goods, you can also buy cosmetics and perfumes from the Japanese brand in Duty Free stores.

You can find out the price of Shiseido by visiting the brand's official website or by visiting the nearest store to get all the necessary information. Finding out this information in Duty Free stores is a bit more difficult, which is why we have created our service - mydutyfree, thanks to which you can not only find out the availability and price of goods, but also make a pre-order.

Shiseido perfumes: Each Shiseido perfume is a real journey into the world of sensual fragrances. The aromatic palettes of Shiseido perfumes include a wide range of shades and notes. From refreshing citrus and fruit shades to exotic floral and woody accords, each fragrance reveals itself in its own way on the skin. Shiseido perfumes are also known for their long-lasting fragrances.

All Shiseido products: The Shiseido brand is famous for its variety of products that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. From skin care products to makeup, Shiseido has everything you need to reveal and emphasize your beauty.

New Shiseido products: innovations for your beauty

In 2023, the Shiseido brand has once again impressed its fans with exciting new products in the field of beauty and skin care. Innovative formulas, advanced technologies, and exquisite ingredients help to ensure maximum results for your skin and hair.

One of this year's new products for makeup lovers is "Modernmatte Powder Lipstick". This new formula combines the durability of a matte finish with the volume and comfort of lips. You can choose from a wide range of shades - from neutral to bright - to create unique looks.

Shiseido Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream is a product for smoothing wrinkles around the eyes. Thanks to a complex of retinol and hyaluronic acid, it makes the skin smooth and elastic, evens out the texture. The light texture is quickly absorbed. Use in the morning and evening after cleansing.

Power Infusing Eye Concentrate by Shiseido is an intensive concentrate for the skin around the eyes. Enriched with a powerful formula, this product provides moisturizing, firming and freshness to delicate skin. It helps to reduce signs of fatigue, puffiness and wrinkles, leaving the eye area looking fresher and younger.

Of course, the brand also cares about men, and Shiseido's new products for men include:

Ultimune Power Infusing Serum (Men) by Shiseido is an effective serum for men that enhances the skin's defense functions and helps reduce the signs of fatigue and aging. Thanks to its advanced formula, this product provides deep moisturization, improves skin texture and makes it more resistant to stress and external factors. It helps maintain a healthy and youthful appearance by reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

Hydrating Lotion for Men by Shiseido is a moisturizing lotion especially for men. Due to its light texture, it is quickly absorbed, providing the skin with deep moisturizing and freshness. The lotion helps maintain optimal moisture levels, reducing dryness and discomfort. It is suitable for daily use, keeping skin healthy and well-groomed.

In 2023, Shiseido continues to impress its fans with exciting new products. Innovative formulas, new fragrances, and revolutionary skin care solutions are just some of what the brand has in store for you this year.

Shiseido 2023

In the new year, Shiseido continues to be a leader in the world of beauty and skin care. Its passion for innovation and high quality makes it indispensable for anyone who appreciates true beauty.

Reviews of Shiseido

Not sure which product to choose? Check out the reviews of satisfied Shiseido customers who will share their impressions and results from using the brand's products.

The Shiseido brand has always impressed even famous people with its quality, innovation, and special approach to beauty. Here are some reviews of Shiseido by famous personalities:

Naomi Campbell, a famous top model:

"Shiseido has always been a symbol of beauty and luxury for me. Their products help me to emphasize my natural beauty and look stunning on and off the runway."

David Gandhi, recognized makeup artist and stylist:

"I have always been impressed with Shiseido's innovation in the skincare world. They are constantly exploring new ingredients and technologies to provide the ultimate in skin beauty and health."

Liu Yifei, actress and Hollywood star:

"Every time I use Shiseido products, I feel like an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury has been created around me. It makes me feel confident and gorgeous."

Andreas Winter, famous fashion designer:

"Shiseido is a combination of Japanese elegance and modernity. Their fragrances and cosmetic products are always awe-inspiring in their depth and sophistication."

Hikki Kitagawa, Japanese actress and model:

"I am proud that Shiseido is a Japanese brand that has gained worldwide popularity. Their products allow me to emphasize my natural beauty and look confident in any situation."

These celebrity testimonials demonstrate the great influence and popularity of the Shiseido brand in the world of beauty and skin care.

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