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Lego (from Danish "Leg Godt" — "play well") is a Danish private company specializing in the production of various series of educational toys, which are sets of parts for assembly and modeling of various objects - constructors. The brand has worldwide popularity thanks to its ability to develop creative thinking in children.

The Lego Group produces sets of constructors, and its central office is located in Denmark. Also in Denmark, on the Jutland Peninsula, in the small town of Billund, is the largest Legoland in the world - a city built entirely of Lego bricks.

Lego is not just toys, but a whole culture that unites generations and inspires creativity. Each detail stimulates imagination and helps create worlds where anything is possible! New Lego products quickly become hits due to their high-quality assembly and interesting designs.

History of the LEGO brand

The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter and joiner. Initially, the company manufactured ladders, ironing boards, and wooden toys. The word "LEGO," which later became the company's name, first appeared in 1934. The initial name of the product was "Automatic Binding Bricks."

In 1947, the company expanded its operations and began producing toys made of plastic.

Since its inception in 1949, LEGO parts in all their variations have remained compatible with each other, not only from the top but also from the sides. For example, parts created in 1958 still connect with parts released in 2010, despite significant changes in their design and shape over the years.

1954 - The LEGO trademark was officially registered in Denmark.

1961 - For the first time, car models began to be assembled from bricks, although previously sets came with regular scale models, and bricks were only used for building structures.

1961 - The Samsonite Corporation (a well-known manufacturer of luggage and suitcases) began to produce and sell LEGO sets in North America under license. The cooperation lasted until 1988.

1962 - Bricks of minimal height appeared, equal to 1/3 of the basic height.

1963 - Instructions for assembly were first included with LEGO sets.

1968 - On July 7, the first Legoland amusement park opened in Billund.

1970 - The number of company employees reached 1000 people.

1973 - The company's logo was changed to its modern version: white lettering in a red square.

1978 - Classic LEGO minifigures with movable arms and legs were introduced.

1996 - The website was launched.

2000 - The British Association of Toy Retailers named LEGO the most significant toy of the 20th century.

2011 - LEGO ranked fifth in a survey of 48,000 people from 15 major global regions regarding trust in the company.

Since 1991, with the advent of computer video games, LEGO suffered losses for 11 years, correcting this situation only with the release of new robotic sets.

One of the new popular hobbies became creating animated films or recreating scenes from existing movies using LEGO bricks for sets and LEGO figures as characters (LEGO animation). Typically, such films are created using stop-motion animation. Since 2000, this hobby has gained popularity worldwide.

Lego production

Production of LEGO bricks is carried out according to high precision standards, allowing parts to be easily connected without effort and ensuring their reliable attachment. The main factories are located in Denmark, Germany, and the Czech Republic, with production also taking place in Mexico.

The manufacturing process relies on the use of injection molding machines, where bricks made of various colored thermoplastics are formed under a pressure of 120 tons. At the main factory in Billund, approximately 21 billion bricks are produced annually, requiring around 60 tons of plastic per day.

The LEGO brand represents not only a familiar logo but also expectations regarding the quality and originality of the products. The LEGO company also takes responsibility for the environment.

LEGO is inspired by children, who are exemplars of creativity, ingenuity, and curiosity. The company's commitment to fostering these qualities makes the LEGO brand unique and gives it an advantage over competitors. All LEGO products are distinguished by high quality and originality, making them popular among both children and adults.

LEGO sets are used not only for entertainment but also for educational purposes. For example, in some schools and universities, LEGO is used for teaching mathematics, physics, engineering, and even linguistics. It serves as a tool for developing logical thinking, creative problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

Well-known figures from the entertainment, sports, and cultural worlds, such as actors, athletes, musicians, and others, have also shared their positive experiences with LEGO. For instance, actors Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell and Daniel Radcliffe have publicly shared their childhood memories of the toy. Basketball player LeBron James and footballer Lionel Messi have mentioned that their children love playing with LEGO.

Indeed, for many years and across multiple generations, LEGO sets have remained trendy among both children and adults worldwide. The brand constantly evolves, developing new series based on popular children's movies and games, which helps it maintain its popularity. New LEGO products quickly gather millions of fans upon release, becoming beloved and engaging toys. This is crucial for children to shift their focus to developmental motor skills and cognitive abilities during the digital age.

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