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Clinique is a brand that was the first to introduce a line of cosmetic products developed by dermatologists, taking into account the individual needs of every woman. Clinique products undergo allergy testing, do not contain perfume additives, and are available to a wide audience of consumers. Clinique's new releases are accompanied by thorough testing. To confirm that the product truly does not cause allergies, it is tested by a group of independent medical experts. Adhering to this standard allows Clinique to create effective and safe products that consumers trust.

The History of Clinique

The Clinique brand first emerged in 1968 as a subsidiary of the giant Estee Lauder Companies. The story of creating this cosmetic brand begins with an interview. A quarter of a century ago, Vogue fashion magazine editor Carol Phillips decided to write a sensational piece on dermatology and cosmetology. She sought help from practicing dermatologist Norman Orentreich. The ambitious duo of the investigative journalist and the doctor, who had much to share, led not just to success, but to a true revolution in the world of cosmetology. In the interview, Norman Orentreich expressed a bold hypothesis that genetics do not play a role — beautiful skin can be created for anyone! In the latter half of the twentieth century, such a statement was quite daring. It became a sensation and made headlines, becoming the main topic of the magazine's next issue. The doctor's ideas began to spread not only among fashion enthusiasts but also in professional circles.

Thus, Leonard Lauder, intrigued by the talent of Norman Orentreich, saw in him the opportunity to fulfill his long-standing dream — to create a cosmetic brand based on the latest scientific achievements and subjected to rigorous dermatological testing. Leonard proposed to Dr. Orentreich and journalist Carol Phillips to develop and launch a line of innovative cosmetic products. As a result, the seasoned fashion magazine editor and the doctor of medical sciences became a wonderful tandem of two talented individuals. Norman focused on the development and testing of new Clinique products, while Carol handled their advertising and promotion.

Dr. Orentreich became the creator of the world's first line of unique dermatological skincare products for different skin types. He developed the concept of a three-step skincare routine and an integrated questionnaire that combines the most common questions asked by dermatologists and optimal solutions for identified problems (the so-called "Clinique computer").

Throughout its nearly half-century existence, Clinique has never created an advertising campaign in which celebrities played the leading role, thus avoiding diverting attention from the products themselves. By choosing Clinique products, you can be sure that your decision is based not on fashion trends or the desire to imitate celebrities, but on informed choice and care for your skin. Therefore, genuine reviews of Clinique come not from world stars in advertising campaigns, but from ordinary people - real consumers.

Over its years of operation, the Clinique brand has evolved from being just a subsidiary company to becoming one of the most well-known brands producing products of the highest quality. It was the experts at Clinique who first recognized the importance of daily protection for the skin from harmful solar radiation. However, the company was not only a pioneer in product development. In 1973, the Clinique brand became the first to enter the American Academy of Dermatological Convention.

Today, the Clinique brand offers a rich assortment of diverse products: decorative and skincare cosmetics, hair care products, as well as a wide selection of fragrances ranging from eau de toilette to perfumes and oils. All Clinique perfumes are distinguished by their refinement and the classic nobility of unforgettable scents, and the perfumers adhere to the traditional system of dividing perfumes into men's and women's categories. Among the fragrances, compositions such as Aromatics Elixir have gained the greatest popularity and love from the audience, striking with their genuine naturalness and originality of sound. With its help, you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere of purity and boundless happiness.

Clinique Happy is a fragrance that brings delight, joy, and absolute happiness! It embodies all the warmth and brightness of life. An amazing atmosphere is created with notes of apple, bergamot, and plum, which smoothly transition into the feminine tones of freesia, rose, orchid, and delicate lily of the valley. This perfume has become an absolute hit and, since its release in 1998, it has maintained its leading position. Several variations have also been released, winning the love of the public: Clinique Happy Heart, Clinique Happy To Be, Happy In Bloom, and others. Along with the women's perfume, a men's version of this fragrance has also been introduced, which, thanks to a combination of fresh green and optimistic citrus notes, envelops with a wave of vigor and an unbridled thirst for life.

Clinique not only cares about skin health but also about the environment. Using cutting-edge scientific developments, the brand continually reviews and evaluates its formula creation principles, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. Over 50 years of rigorous testing and research, including allergy testing from the brand's inception, allow Clinique to maintain the highest safety standards. All Clinique products are applied to the skin of 600 volunteers 12 times sequentially under medical supervision. If ANY of these 7200 applications causes a reaction, the product is sent for refinement and not allowed for sale. After refinement, it undergoes a series of tests again until Clinique specialists are confident in its maximum safety. The packaging of Clinique products is made from recyclable materials.

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